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Contemporary repertoire for sax.

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Saxophone-lovers are quite partial to the contemporary repertoire, which, in our case, constitutes an exhibition of skills and resources giving rise to a new space for experimentation. In such a space, however, it is indispensable to establish a dialogue with creativity, an exercise in freedom that continuously puts us to the test and stimulates us to achieve results that will be pure and original with a unique and personal stamp.

The repertoire featured on the present disc perfectly demonstrates the great versatility of results achieved by such a factory of creative experimentation. It is a space in which the composer suffers with the creation and in which he frequently works with the aim of showing the technical mastery of both the performer and the instrument.

There is an extensive dictionary of effects describing how to put them into practice: the embouchure must be modulated, the breathing has to contribute to playing with timbral changes and the pressure of the diaphragm even helps to create plays on voices in which the instrumentalist sings and plays simultaneously. All these factors are combined with the more traditional methods (vibrato, tuning, attacks etc.) to show technical mastery and, at the same time, new interpretive skills can be created. This is perhaps why contemporary music is described as a descriptive universe.


Saxophone: Xavier Larsson

Piano: Ramón López


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Contemporary repertoire for sax.