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Misión: Barroco Amazónico
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Misión: Barroco Amazónico



The music of the ancient Jesuit missions of South America is a treasure to be discovered.

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The music of the old Jesuit missions in Latin America is a treasure ? for the most part still to be discovered ? and we should celebrate not only its mere existence, but the fact that it has survived and still flourishes in today?s Amazon communities. This music has survived, since the Jesuits were expelled in 1767, thanks to the indigenous population, the inhabitants of those communities, which has made its own what it learned in that time, has transformed it into vital material so that it has become a patrimonial treasure.
Mission: Amazon Baroque is the first time this music has been recorded using indigenous instruments such as jerures (wind instruments with multiple pipes), bajones (Renaissance wind instruments) made of palm leaves, chononos (rattles and shakers made from snake?s rattles) and percussion instruments made from toucan?s beak. These instruments were made by natives of the places which gave rise to the music and they impart an exotic as well as authentic sonority to the performances.


-01-03 Folías 0:00

01 I. Allegro 3:16

02 II. Largo 2:39

03 III. Allegro 2:53

-04-03 Caîma, Iyaî Jesus 0:00

04 Sonata 1:06

05 Caîma Iyaî Jesus 0:35

06 Acuacîrîca iñemo 3:32

-07-04 Pastoreta Ychepe Flauta 0:00

07 I. (sin indicación) 1:28

08 II. Allegro 1:59

09 III. Adagio 2:44

10 IV. Allegro 3:28

11 Quid moror Maria 5:36

-12-02 Aqui ta naqui Iyaî 0:00

12 Aqui ta naqui 0:48

13 Chapie, Iyaî Jesu Christo 4:09

-14-03 Sonata V en re menor 0:00

14 I. Allegro 2:00

15 II. Andante 1:19

16 III. Minuete. Allegro 1:10

17 In hac mensa novi Regis 6:40

-18-03 Sonata VI en sol Mayor 0:00

18 I. Overtura. Allegro 2:22

19 II. Adagio 4:53

20 III. Allegro 2:11

21 All´elevazione en Fa 5:13 Domenico Zipoli. Arr. A. Martín Saldaña

-22-03 sonata ficticia 0:00 lili marlene



violin baroque: Pablo Gutiérrez, Javier Illán

cello: Keiko Gomi

viola: Daniel Lorenzo

Theorbe and baroque guitar: Miguel Rincón

double bass: Silvia Giménez

harpsicord and organ: Jorge López-Escribano

bajones de hoja de palma and jerures: Elíes Hernándis, Daniel Bernaza

indigenous and european percussions: Daniel Garay

soprano: Soledad Cardoso

traverso: Florian Cousin

conductors: Javier Illán y Pablo Gutiérrez


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Misión: Barroco Amazónico

Misión: Barroco Amazónico

The music of the ancient Jesuit missions of South America is a treasure to be discovered.