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Llorca: Las horas vacías



Ricardo Llorca's opera for soprano and actress, piano, choirs and string orchestra.

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The Empty Hours is also an extended meditation on the loneliness and feelings of ennui and meaninglessness that are prevalent in contemporary Western societies. Elements of Spanish Renaissance music blended with a more contemporary language have served as my principal source of thematic and structural inspiration for the work. Musically, The Empty Hours combines traditional compositional techniques with modern and post-modern musical elements, such as operatic recitatives treated with contemporary motifs and polyrhythms. The Empty Hours thus acquires a dual character, at once traditional and contemporary, maintaining a coherent narrative which is elaborated over a harmonic and melodic foundation that might be described as non-atonal.


01 Overture 8:16 Ricardo LLorca

02 Short Recitative 0:37 Ricardo LLorca

03 Bel Ami 4:09 Ricardo LLorca

04 Short Monologue 1:35 Ricardo LLorca

05 Con la noche por delante 6:13 Ricardo LLorca

06 Monologue I 1:41 Ricardo LLorca

07 Todo va bien 3:10 Ricardo LLorca

08 El amor Callado 10:26 Ricardo LLorca

09 Monologue II 3:05 Ricardo LLorca

10 Vocalise 7:55 Ricardo LLorca

11 Short monologue 1:22 Ricardo LLorca

12 Chacona y Danza Final 6:57 Ricardo LLorca

13 Final Scene 3:12 Ricardo Llorca


soprano: Laura Alonso Padín

piano: Rosa Torres-Pardo

actress: Angelica De La Riva

choir: The Manhattan Choral Ensemble

choir conductor: Thomas Cunningham

orchestra: The New York Opera Society Orchestra

orchestra conductor : Emmanuel Plasson


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Llorca: Las horas vacías

Llorca: Las horas vacías

Ricardo Llorca's opera for soprano and actress, piano, choirs and string orchestra.