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Poems by Màrius Torres set to music by Maria Rosa Ribas.

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Marius Torres (Lleida 1910 - Puig d'Olena 1942) is part of the generation of poets who, like Espriu Rosa Leveroni, Rosselló Pòrcel Bartholomew, John Weaver and John Vinyoli, lived the civil war and were very young silnce the suffering to which was refered to the Franco dictatorship Catalan literature. One of the constants in the biography of Marius Torres trend is the dedication to music and literature. The composer Maria Rosa Ribas includes both circumstances and Marius Torres gives us a driveway to his work playing with the alternation of solo instruments and sung word. This gateway from the inter-music / word is a privilege for a poem with a very refined sense of musicality of the verse like that of Marius Torres.


01 A la soledat 1:09 M. Rosa Ribas

02 Cançó a Mahalta 2:26 M. Rosa Ribas

03 Abendlied 2:46 M. Rosa Ribas

04 Després del silenci (sense text) 3:57 M. Rosa Ribas

05 Record d´una música 2:54 M. Rosa Ribas

06 Finestra 2:35 M. Rosa Ribas

07 Això és la joia 0:33 M. Rosa Ribas

08 Els núvols 4:14 M. Rosa Ribas

10 Tres amigues 3:15 M. Rosa Ribas

11 Desperta (sense text 4:50 M. Rosa Ribas

12 Dolç àngel de la Mort... 12:23 M. Rosa Ribas

13 Lanquan li jorn (fragment) (Text de Jaufré Rudel i música de Màrius Torres) 1:47 Màrius Torres

14 Chanson d´automne (Text de Paul Verlaine i música de Màrius Torres) 2:26 Màrius Torres


Composer, piano: M. Rosa Ribas

soprano: M. Àngels Miró

tenor: Miquel Cobos

flute: Peter John Bacchius

flute: Núria Ferrés

flute: Núria Ferrés

clarinet: Frederic Miralda

cello: Paula Ustarroz

violin: Jaume Francesch

violin: Victoria Fernández

viola: Joan Miró

cello: Peter Thielemann


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Les ales del vent

Les ales del vent

Poems by Màrius Torres set to music by Maria Rosa Ribas.