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Cello Quartet Original Works



Pieces of cello quartet of different eras and styles by the Tritton Ensemble.

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This CD contains pieces for cello quartet. It includes pieces by Classical composers such as Corette and Wagenseil, as well as pedagogical compositions and pieces consumed by XIXth century instrumentalists by composers such as Matz, Labocetta, Goltermann, Grützmacher, Fitzenhagen and Paque. It also contains adaptations of pieces such as Dos corals d´enyorament by Jaume Pahissa, the wagnerian piece Melangia by the Catalan composer Morera. Even though those are works of little acquaintance that have been gathered and beautifully performed by the Tritton Ensemble.


01 Introduzione e Scherzo 3:06 Rudolf Matz (1901-1988)

02 Adagio 5:05 Domenico Laboccetta (1823-1896)

03 Romance 3:37 Georg Golterman (1824-1898)

04 Souvenir de Curis 3:57 Guillaume Paque (1825-1876)

-05-03 Le Phénix 0:00 Michel Corrette (1709-1795)

05 Allegro 3:03

06 Adagio 2:55

07 Allegro 3:06

08 Hymnus op. 65 4:16 Friedrich Grützmacher (1832?1903)

09 Ave Maria op.41 4:35 Willhem Fitzenhagen (1848-1890)

-10-04 Sonata en Do Major 0:00 Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777)

10 Vivace 4:29

11 Larghetto 4:21

12 Menuet-Trio 4:22

13 Vivace 1:56

14 Dos corals d?enyorament 2:17 Jaume Pahissa (1880-1969)

15 Melangia 5:28 Enric Morera (1865-1942)

16 Malagueña 4:39 Rogel?li Huguet i Tagell (1882-1956)

17 El cant dels ocells 3:24 Popular catalana /Pau Casals



cello: Albert Roman

cello: Wolfgang Lehner

cello: Bongshin Ko

cello: Josep Bassal


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Cello Quartet Original Works

Cello Quartet Original Works

Pieces of cello quartet of different eras and styles by the Tritton Ensemble.