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The mature works of the composer Joan Guinjoan.

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A Riudoms is a compilation of mature works by the composer Joan Guinjoan. Most of the works are commissions that, although they have been performed on several occasions, have never been recorded. These works include Guinjoan's first string quartet, the "String Quartet, No. 1", which was commissioned by the Santander Festival in 2006 and has a solid formal structure and a classical background that evokes the Beethoven's time of maturity.

The piano piece "Remembering Chopin" is dedicated to the Catalan patron Leopoldo Rodes and was commissioned by the Palau de la Música Catalana. The piece, premiered by the renowned pianist José Menor, is articulated in two sections without a solution of continuity and starts from a climate very close to the well-known Nocturnes by the composer Frédéric Chopin and is evolving towards a rhythmic freedom. The Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana commissioned the piece “Encara és temps de somniar? Encara". The piece, written on a poem by Màrius Torres (1910-1942) is Guinjoan's second approach to a composition a cappella uses a tonal language that remains faithful to the polyphonic tradition that contrasts with completely homophonic fragments and passages full of counterpoints, fully with the eclectic coherence of the composer.


  1. Quartet per a Cordes Núm. 1 : 1. Moderato – Agitato
  2. Quartet per a Cordes Núm. 1: 2. Moderato
  3. Quartet per a Cordes Núm. 1: 3. Vivo
  4. Recordant Chopin
  5. Encara és Temps de Somniar? Encara
  6. Homenatge a Carmen Amaya
  7. Self Paràfrasis


Quatuor Tana

José Menor, piano

Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música Catalana

Josep Vila i Casañas, director


Claret Piano Quartet


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A Riudoms

A Riudoms

The mature works of the composer Joan Guinjoan.